Republic of Moldova

National Coordination

Ministry of Economy and Trade of the Republic of Moldova

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Dumitru Udrea
Councilor of the State Minister
External Assistance Coordination
Office of the First Deputy Prime Minister
Tel: (+ 373 22) 250 475
Fax: (+ 373 22) 250 259

Oxana Draguta (Budis)
Senior Consultant, External Aid Unit, State Chancellery 

Eugen Furculita        Tel: +373 22 250 585  

Eugen Cozmulici (substitute)                Tel: +373 22 220 655   


The Ministry of Economy and Trade is coordinating at national level all the EU programmes for which Moldova is eligible:

EU Programmes for Moldova before 2007

1. TACIS (National, Regional and CBC Programmes)
2. Thematic Programmes (European initiative for democracy and human rights-EIDHR, Emergency and humanitarian aid, Food aid and food security, Rapid reaction mechanism, Co-operation with third countries on migration? AENEAS Programme, Campaign against drugs and drug addiction, Rehabilitation and reconstruction measures for developing countries, Actions against anti-personnel landmines)
3. Community Programmes (Framework Programme 6, INTAS, Erasmus Mundus, YOUTH Programme)

EU Programmes for Moldova after 2007

1. ENPI Components (National, Regional and CBC Programmes)
2. Thematic Macro-Level Instruments (Macro-financial assistance, Stability Instrument, Humanitarian assistance)
3. Thematic programmes (Cooperation with Third Countries in the Areas of Migration and Asylum, Promotion of Democracy and Human Rights Worldwide, Environment and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources including Energy, Investing in People, Food Security. Advancing the Food Security Agenda to Achieve the MDGs, Non-state Actors and Local Authorities in Development)
4. Community programmes, agencies and networks (in the areas of Research, Education, Vocational Training, Youth, Culture and Audio-visual, Environment, Energy, Transport, Social Policy, Judicial Co-operation in Civil Matters, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Taxation, Customs, Information Society, etc)
Framework Programme 7,
Erasmus Mundus,
YOUTH in Action Programme

National contact points

Ministry of Economy and Trade
Stefan cel Mare 180, off. 802,
MD 2033, Chisinau

Mariana Puntea
Expert, Country Contact Point Moldova
Ministry of Economy and Trade
Tel/fax: +373 22 21 42 01

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