SEE Newsletter - September 2008


"Successful cooperation on all levels is normally built on trust and positive partnership spirit between actors - this needs time to develop....."

SEEnews has spoken to Roland Arbter, the current Chair of the SEE Programme Monitoring Committee, about a new area, new actors and new chances in South East Europe.
Roland Arbter has represented Austria in transnational cooperation programmes since 1996 and we have asked him to share some of his extensive experience in the field with our readers.

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Innovate, innovation, innovative, innovatively ..... Steven Halligan, The JTS member specialised in innovation related matters, is familiar with all forms and variations of the subject and will share with you his view regarding innovation in the SEE Programme. "Innovative entrepreneurship: facing the challenge together" is the first in a series of articles dedicated to each of the programme priorities.

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seeLOCAL: Albania

Krisela Bufi

The SEEnews is going local and it inaugurates a new section, dedicated to the National Contact Points of the countries participating in the SEE Programme. We aim to establish therefore a link between our readers and their national contact points and also strenghten the "SEE community". Let's start with A from Albania, where a new contact point has taken over in August. We welcome Krisela Bufi we ask her to introduce herself and her work to the SEEnews readers.

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SEE EVENT - Monitoring Committee Meeting - Belgrade, 25-26 September" (read more).
CALL FOR EXPERTS - If you are interested in supporting the JTS in the assessment of the project proposals received within the 2nd step of the Call, you can still send your application until 30 September (read more).
OPEN DAYS 2008 - "Regions and cities in a challenging world"(read more).