SEE Newsletter - July 2014

The latest issue of the SEE newsletter is now available. The main news are: Registrations open for the next SEE Annual Event (Ljubljana, 24-25/09); Results and follow-up of the Joint SEE/MED Communication Training; SEE programme participation in the EU Strategy for the Danube Region Forum; Workshop of ClusterPoliSEE project in the Open Days 2014.


The 122 projects approved within the four calls launched by the South East Europe Programme have achieved valuable results, contributing to the overall territorial development in the region. The programme is coming to its end and the 2014 event is named to be the closing conference to review, assess and present all the achievements gained since 2007 and to look at the future of transnational cooperation in the area.

Under the title "SEE VALUABLE ACHIEVEMENTS FOR THE FUTURE", the Conference will present some of the achievements and capitalisation opportunities gained thanks to the SEE Programme, and the latest developments concerning the three new transnational programmes in the area: Adriatic-Ionian, Balkan-Mediterranean and Danube. Apart from the plenary sessions, several field trips will be organised to have a direct contact with the results produced by some SEE projects in Ljubljana and adjacent towns.

All those individuals and institutions insterested in the SEE Programme and the future of European Territorial Cooperation in the South East Europe are invited to participate in this event.

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Almost 100 representatives from more than 60 projects participated in the Joint Communication Training co-organised by the South East Europe and Mediterranean transnational programmes last 2nd and 3rd June in Bled (Slovenia).

For the first time, the two transnational programmes succefully organised together this training for communication managers aimed to best disseminate the project results, increasing their impact and reaching an appropriate target audience. The different sessions on topics such as communication strategies, social media, final events or story-telling tried to support them with the last communication activities to be carried out by their projects. Apart from the workshop and learning sessions, there was a valuable exchange of knowledge and practices between SEE and MED projects thanks to the different networking possibilities.

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SEE PROGRAMME IN THE DANUBE STRATEGY FORUM The SEE Programme has actively participated with a stand and a workshop in the 3rd edition of the Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region held last 26 and 27 June in Vienna (read more).

CLUSTERPOLISEE IN THE OPEN DAYS 2014 The SEE project Cluster PoliSEE organises, along with the Central Europe project Clustrat, the workshop 'Boosting innovation through interclustering strategies and smart specialisation policies' during the 12th edition of the European Week of Regions and Cities OPEN DAYS 2014 (Brussels, 6-9/10/2014). Registrations are already open. (read more).

DEVELOPMENTS OF THE THREE NEW PROGRAMMES Follow the latest news regarding the three new transnational programmes in the South East Europe area (Adriatic-Ionian, Balkan-Mediterranean and Danube) in the SEE website (read more).