SEE Newsletter - October 2014

The latest issue of the SEE newsletter is now available. The main news are: Successful organisation of the SEE Annual Event 2014 (Ljubljana, 24-25/09); Winners of the SEE Photo Competition and New publications of the SEE Programme, namely the 4th call catalogue.


The last annual conference organised by the South East Europe (SEE) Programme took place last 24 and 25th September in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Under the title "SEE valuable achievements for the future", the conference, which was live streamed through the SEE website, aimed to be the key territorial cooperation event in 2014 in South Eastern Europe.

350 people participated in the conference which was aimed to highlight and showcase the added value of the SEE Transnational Cooperation Programme as it comes to its end and to link it to the future of European Territorial Cooperation in the area. It was the time to review and assess all the achievements gained by the programme since 2007 and to look at the promising future.

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The three winners of the SEE Photo Competition launched last April 2014 were announced during the SEE Annual Event 2014, when a exhibition with the best 50 photos was organised. Among the 104 photos submitted during the competition, three photos proposed by Green Mountain, Danubeparks and Pairs projects were selected as the best ones. The aim of the SEE Photo Competition was to capture the essence of a project through an image illustrating the achieved results.

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CATALOGUE OF THE 4TH CALL SEE PROJECTS - The fourth issue of the SEE project catalogue has been recently published including the main information concerning the 48 SEE projects approved within the 4th call for proposals. Apart from this catalogue, two other publications have been issued: a leaflet summarising the main achievements gained by both the SEE Programme in general and the SEE Capitalisation Strategy in particular; and a passport with information about the seven field trips organised during the SEE Annual Event 2014. (Read more).
THEMATIC PRIORITIES OF THE THREE NEW PROGRAMMES - The thematic priorities to be covered by the three new transnational programmes of the South East Europe area (Adriatic-Ionian, Balkan-Mediterranean and Danube) have been announced and included in the specific sections of the SEE website. (Read more).
MORE THAN 600 PROJECT OUTPUTS IN THE ONLINE LIBRARY - The Outputs Library existing in the SEE website already contains more than 600 outputs produced by the SEE projects. A searcher per country, project, topic or type of outputs has been created to facilitate the visitor to find all valuable outputs of the SEE projects in one single platform. By beginning of 2015 all 122 project outputs will be available. (Read more).