TEN ECOPORT Task Force is here

TEN ECOPORT project partners have set up a European Territorial Cooperation Grouping (EGTC) to maintain collaboration on environmental management of coastal and port areas.


Following two successful SEE projects - ECOPORT 8 and TEN ECOPORT, partner port areas from Italy, Croatia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania, look forward to the future. The rationale of EGTCs is introduced through Regulation (EC) No 1082/2006. The objective of these groupings is to facilitate cross-border and transnational cooperation. The particular aim of Task Force TEN ECOPORT as an EGTC is to improve sustainable development of the environment in coastal and port areas. Partners pledge to do that by providing the tools and policies necessary for technological innovation and environmental sustainability of trans-European sea transport network corridors.

For more information on the TEN ECOPORT Task Force and photos from the signature event, please follow this link.