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G.S.R. Model Governmental Social Responsibility Model: An Innovative Approach of Quality in Governmental Operations and Outcomes  Development of transnational synergies for sustainable growth areas Tackle crucial problems affecting metropolitan areas and regional systems of settlements ELOT-HELLENIC ORGANISATION FOR STANDARDIZATION (Greece)
GuardEn Guardians of Environment Framework: An Integrated Approach of Strategies for Prevention of Soil Pollution and Rehabilitation of Harmed Territories  Protection and Improvement of the Environment Improve prevention of environmental risks REGPEL-REGION OF PELOPONNESE (Greece)
HINT Harmonized Inland Navigation Transport through education and information technology  Improvement of the Accessibility Develop strategies to tackle the digital divide CER-Romanian Maritime Training Centre - CERONAV (Romania)
ID:WOOD Clustering knowledge, Innovation and Design in the SEE WOOD sector  Facilitation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Develop the enabling environment for innovative entrepreneurship GIS-Slovenian Forestry Institute (Slovenia)
Inno- Food SEE Setting up the innovation support mechanisms and increasing awareness on the potential of Food Innovation and RTD in the South- East Europe area  Facilitation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Enhance the framework conditions and pave the way for innovation EKETA- INA-CENTRE FOR RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY HELLAS ? INSTITUTE OF AGROBIOTECHNOLOGY (Greece)

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