What type of funds candidate and potential candidate countries can receive?

Candidate and potential candidate countries (Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia) receive IPA funding. The IPA contribution for the first three years (2007?2009) has been of 10.5 MEUR in total and was allocated on a country basis. Following the integration of the IPA funds, starting with the 3rd call for proposals and applicable also to the 4th call, additional 16.5 MEUR are available for the IPA countries on a multi-country basis.

What does integration of IPA funds means?

The main principle of the integration of IPA funds into the SEE program system is to provide the same possibilities and responsibilities to the Partners from the Member States and Partner States. The new system gives a possibility to fully integrate the external partners into the transnational partnerships, thus the whole project can be managed by one single contract under the responsibility of the Lead Partner. During the 2nd phase of the program implementation (?IPA integrated? phase), the Lead Partner of the project bears responsibility for the total Community contribution awarded to the project (i.e. ERDF and IPA contribution); these responsibilities are laid down in the single subsidy contract to be concluded between the MA/JTS and the Lead Partner.

What type of funds Ukraine and republic of Moldova can receive?

2 MEUR from ENPI funds will be allocated for the first time for the involvement of partners from Ukraine and Republic of Moldova into the transnational partnerships.

What is the minimum ENPI contribution to be requested per ENPI project partner?

The minimum ENPI contribution to be requested by each ENPI partner participating in a project is 100.000 EURO. This means that the minimum total contribution for each ENPI partner (ENPI + co-financing) should be aprox. 112.000 euro.

Does the start of the eligibility of expenditures of the IPA-I Partners follow the same rules as the eligibility of the ERDF Partners?

Expenditure incurred by IPA-I partners will be eligible according to the same rules under condition that the Financing Agreement is signed by the IPA Partner State of the given partner before the date of approval of the project by the Monitoring Committee. Otherwise, starting date of eligibility of expenditure for IPA-I Partners will be the date of signature of the Financing Agreement by the IPA Partner State of the given partner.